Voice Over Work From Home

I do voice over work from home. Sure, working from your house these days is nothing new or spectacular since nearly everyone is doing it, but as far as voice over goes it is something you can continue to do after restrictions are lifted and people go back to commuting to their places of employment.

So, where can you find tasks to audition for? You can try cold calling to video production houses to see if they are currently accepting voice over demos, but the most lucrative way is to find voice over jobs online. There are numerous different platforms and pay-to-play sites you can register with which will allow you to find voice over work online. These include Voices.com, Fiverr.com, Upwork.com and ACX.com among others.

work from home on Scrabble tiles

Voices.com is a pay-to-play site where you set up your profile and upload a demo. Hiring managers can search using filters like gender, accent, age range, etc. and your profile will show up in the search results if your qualifications are what they are looking for. You are not able to search for voice over jobs online on that site or bid on tasks that the site matches you with unless you pay an annual fee of a few hundred dollars. Sometimes that price is discounted through special offers, so keep an eye on their social media pages and your email inbox for those offer notices to come through.

Fiverr.com is a site where you post what is called a “Gig” to let people know what service you will provide for them. New users can set up 7 Gigs on their profile page. I currently have four posted there. One for Holidays, one offering narration in German, one in English and one for Audiobooks.

Upwork used to be called ELance and Odesk back in the day. You need to check the job board periodically as it is updated frequently. If you see something you’d like to audition for, submit a proposal quickly.

ACX (Audiobook Creators Exchange) is the audiobook section of Amazon that offers voice over jobs from home. Simply register, upload some narration clips and audition for available book titles. You can be paid in either a royalty share format, where a percentage of each sale is paid to the artist, or you can agree to a per finished hour payment. Note that this is not hourly pay, it is an hour’s worth of finished book narration. It can sometimes take two hours or more to create this when you take into account re-takes and audio editing.
The e-books are then sold on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Other Voice Over Work From Home Sites

Filmless.com requires 5+ years of experience, so keep that one in mind for when you have fulfilled that time requirement.

Guru, Truelancer and PeoplePerHour.com are much like Upwork in that it they are freelance sites where you look at the board and see what open voice over work online is available and then you can submit a proposal or quote for the task. Freelancer is unique in that it lists the average bid price from all bids received for a particular task. That can help you as you set your quote price.

Other voice over jobs from home sites you can try include voice123, bunnystudio, voicecrafters and Insolvo.com. I have even seen listings on ebay and Craigslist. People post in their sales ad that they perform voice over work from home and they paste links to their demo so buyers can hear what they sound like.

Be sure to keep up with notifications from the sites you register with so that you don’t miss out on any voice over work from home opportunities.