Free Voice Over Software Online

If you are searching for free voice over software online, you may be running into a brick wall. As with most things in life, it will cost you in one way or another.

Audacity seems to be the only exception currently. It is free voice over software that is open source, cross platform and quite popular with voice talents in the industry. It is an easy to use, multi-track audio recorder and editor. They recently celebrated their 20th Anniversary and they do have a “Donate” button on their website so you can contribute some funds if you feel so inclined.

Adobe Audition does offer a try-before-you-buy version that can be downloaded here
This program is used by numerous industry voice over artists. It claims to be the best audio cleanup, restoration, and precision editing tool for video, podcasting, and sound effect design. After the trial period is over, you can expect to pay about $21 USD per month to continue using the program.

Another free voice over software online package you can download and try is the one I have been using, ACID Music Studio. I’ve been using this package for a number of years for singing and songwriting projects and it offers great tools for voice editing.

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Other free voice over software online

If you’re a Mac user, you most likely have GarageBand installed on your machine as it typically comes standard on these computers.
It is geared more towards musical projects, but it can be used for audio recording as well. Logic Pro X is considered the upgrade to this package and it is available for about $280 USD.

There are some free voice over apps such as Voice Over & Recorder by DevCrux which allows you to record your audio and export in formats such as .mp3, .aac (m4a), .wma and .wav. You can also voice over your videos by adjusting the volume of your video and recording a custom voice over your video.

Another one of the free voice over apps is VoiceOver – Record and Do More by ResonanceVista. It offers a 5 Band Equalizer so that you can give a different dimension to your voice with each band. There’s an echo option to manage decay and delay length when creating an echo and with the Gain function you can Increase or decrease gain as needed.

These free voice over apps are primarily for fun and not really geared towards professional voiceover work.

Please note that mention of the products on this page is not necessarily an endorsement.