Voice Over Web Design

In researching voice over web design, I discovered that most of these types of sites are very straightforward and uncluttered, showing the artist in either a photo or video clip as well as a brief bio, demo, contact information and in some cases a description of their home studio components and equipment. Something too elaborate and sparkly would not be useful and may cause a client to look for a different artist.

Voice Over Web Design Components

The name of the artist appears at the very top, often with a tagline such as "The Voice of Today" or simply a title such as "Voice Over Artist." Also here at the very top you'll often see a site menu and a Search button.

A photo, or multiple photos of the artist are at the top of the page most times. I have also seen slideshow-type animations showing the artist in different poses.

Links to demo material are also near the top of the page, and that's where they should be. People who are looking to hire need to be able to immediately and easily find your demos so they can hear examples of your work to see if you're a good match for the type of assignment they are hiring for. The demos are in playable and downloadable format and there are usually a few different ones listed in styles such as Commercial, Narration, E-Learning and more. This audio player has that capability. Select "Audio Player" under "Widgets"

Links to recent works by the artist are typically included as well, so the client can get a feel for what the artist has done lately.

A brief biography highlighting the main points about the artist and describing their vocal style is also usually found on the main page of the site.

Contact information is vital, of course. Often times an email address and phone number is shown. You may see a "Book This Voice" button here, too.

Recording options are sometimes included as well. This lets the hiring client know how the artist can work including live directed sessions. These options include ISDN, Skype, phone patch, source connect.

Further down on the main page of the site, or on other pages off the main page you'll find links to more demos, a longer version of their biography, a client list, client testimonials, pictures, links to the artist's social media accounts, agency representation and blog posts.

A clean, straightforward design is the best bet and will look more professional than some splashy, flashy overdone site. Make sure the site is mobile-friendly as well since mobile users make up much of the traffic on the internet.

SBI! for Voice Over Web Design

Since I am a long time user of Solo Build It! I decided to utilize their comprehensive program yet again to do a voice over web design. They offer great tools, support and resources to help you get your site set up and online. I especially like the forums where you can ask fellow users for advice or if you have troubleshooting problems. They also have staffers that you can set a paid appointment with to have them look over your site, analyze it for maximum potential and recommend modifications.

My history with SBI! dates back to 2009 when I began a tourism website for a small beach town I leave near. There was not a whole lot of information on the internet about this historic vacation destination so I decided to publish some. To this day, seecb.com receives healthy traffic flow from visitors all over the world. I even have a website hotline people can call to ask questions. COVID-19 mandates led to a lot of phone calls from people with questions about whether or not the beach was open.

SBI! has a guide that will walk you through the process from identifying your niche, your site concept and relevant keywords to choosing a domain name and mapping out your site in preparation for building it. It is all done in a very well laid out fashion in layman's terms that are easy to understand. They have great site templates available or you have the option of uploading your own HTML if you choose to do so.

It may seem like a daunting process, but these folks are in tune with all the latest search engine algorithms and they are masters at helping you make your site stand out so that it shows up near the top in search engine listings. This directs more traffic to your site which means more work (and more money) for you!